Fan Mail

I just loved the brutal honesty. The author showed growing up how it is, not just as some fantasy, fairy-tale nonsense of dresses and ponies and such. A Girl, In Parts showed coming of age in a way that didn’t discourage femininity, but rather downplayed it and made the Dottie a heroine in her own right.
~ Kiki, High School Student

I’ve been reading A Girl, In Parts and it’s a great book. I just hit page 188 and I was thinking there has got to be a way I can tell the author how much I really like the character of Gabe. Gabe and Dottie’s relationship is cute and admirable … Also, I like how realistic Dottie is…a lot of novels don’t include simple things like how kids DO curse at their parents. The novel is so straightforward when taking a step in Dottie’s mind, too. Your style of witting is really unique, too. I am really diggin’ A Girl, In Parts. I really hope you write more books in the future!
~ Danielle, High School Student

Hi Jasmine, my name is Sammy, my teacher gave me your book A Girl In Parts to read and I loved it! It was so so great. I really liked Dottie and the way you made her into a very smart girl for her age. I really like your style of writing and your next book (Tour Stop 13) looks pretty good so far as well! Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your book and I think you’re an awesome writer! Keep up the good work, I’ll be looking for your next book!
~ Sammy, High School Student

Hello, i am Angie. I just finished reading your book, a Girl in Parts. from the minute I started reading it i couldn’t put it down. I felt as if i were reading a book about myself. All The things that Dottie thought about are the same things i think about. you are a wonderful author, and this was a great book, and i am excited to read the next one. I’m so curious as to what happens after she leaves for Pennsylvania, or between her and Dawn. Well thank you for entertaining me with your novel. i actually cried a couple of times.
~ Angella, High School Student

i read the book a girl in parts and i thought it was good because when ever you changed the subject in the book it didn’t confuse me. i never thought i would like a book like that because i am more into horror and mystery novels but that was the first book i read that was not horror or mystery but i thought it was good. if you had any more books i would most definitely read them. you’re a good writer. i want to be an author too when i am older.
~ Shelly, High School Student

i really like what you have wrote. it really touch me and i couldn’t stop reading it.i really would love to read more things that you have wrote. if you write more i will definitely have to read more. thank you for have this.
~ Crissy, High School Student

I really enjoyed the story and I am really glad that I am getting the opportunity to speak with you about it and receive feedback from you.
~ Natasha, Community College Student

First of all, I would like to take this great opportunity and introduce myself. My names Annitty. I wanted to email you and let you know what I thought about your book. Reading A Girl, In Parts, was amazing! I loved it so much, I had to share it with everybody in my house (a total of eight people). Everyone of them said it was really sad yet, hilarious. I totally agree! I do hope you write more books! A Girl, In Parts is my number one book this year!
~ Annitty, High School Student

I think you should be proud that you have the ability to connect to young girls in a realistic manner. Not all of them are from traditional families, sitting around worried about prom. Your stories show them that it’s OK to be real–they aren’t alone. I think a lot of girls are “lost” right now and don’t see much of a future for themselves. Most of the girls I know just get pregnant to hold on to something or someone. It’s easier for them than trying to be successful on their own.
~ Hydee Reber, Teacher, Havermale High School

I teach English in Medicine Wheel Academy a program housed in Havermale High School. I grew up in Inchelium (neighbor to Coulee Dam) and I am a member of the Colville Confederated Tribes. I have read your book: A Girl in Parts…and just read the excerpt of your second book. Wow…I am very impressed with your ability to capture experiences in such real detail.
~ Jalene Finley, Teacher, Havermale High School

I am a teacher at Ferris High School and picked up your book as part of a committee trying to find contemporary literature for our students. I am teaching Creative Writing and am trying to get as many writers in the classroom as possible. If there is ever a time you can come in and speak, give advice, inspire or read some of your work, please let me know. The invitation is open!
~ Christian Rhodes, Teacher, Ferris High School